Party Paks

 Need to feed 10-100 people?   We recommend a Party Pak.  Your food will be placed in aluminum pans & packed in thermal boxes ready to be picked up.  It may be delivered for an additional charge.  Please note that deliveries require a 1-hour window.     We will need 48 hours prior notice.


The prices are for only the food; there are additional charges for deliveries & service.

Here are some of the more popular BBQ combinations… we would be happy to customize yours.

ONE MEAT BBQ  includes baked beans, coleslaw, buns & sauce

pork $9.25/person
pulled chicken $9.65/person
cut chicken $8.95/person
beef $11.95/person
ribs $14.35/person

TWO MEAT BBQ  includes baked beans, coleslaw, buns & sauce

pork & cut chicken $10.95/ person
pork & pulled chicken $11.50/ person
ribs & cut chicken $13.75/ person
ribs & pork $13.75/ person

THREE MEAT BBQ  includes baked beans, coleslaw, buns & sauce

ribs, pork & cut chicken $14.75/person
ribs, pork & pulled chicken $15.75/person

Need more or different sides?

for an additional per person charge,  add potato salad or collard greens each $1.99/serving , macaroni & cheese, muddy spuds each $1.83/serving  or cornbread $13.95/pan (24 small pieces).

Other items available:

smoked hot dogs $1.95/each BBQ burgers $4.95/each veggie patties $4.25/each
fruit cobblers : Apple or Peach or Cherry $24.95 each
pan of bread pudding/caramel sauce $24.95 each
chocolate chip cookies & chocolate brownies $1.30 each
sweet OR unsweet tea OR pink lemonade $4.95 gallon
paper products (plates, napkins, forks, etc.) $.45/person
disposable chafing set (2 racks) $14.40/each

There are 3 delivery options for Party Paks

1.  Courier America can deliver your Party Pak.  Check the button below for fees charged by this service. The fees are based on the distance from our restaurant to your location.  There is a 1 hour window for courier deliveries.

2.   Our staff can deliver your Party Pak & provide a simple set up at your location (check availability-not available on major holidays).  For this there is a $40.00 fee plus the Courier America delivery charge . It includes the disposable chaffing dishes.

3.   Our staff can deliver your Party Pak,  set up a self-serve buffet table & replenish the serving dishes for 2 hours.  For this service there is a $145 service charge, plus the delivery fee which is based on the Courier America fee structure.  If you need our staff to stay for more than 2 hours, there is an additional $25.00 per hour fee for each extra hour.

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