Bulk Orders

     A bulk order is a very flexible option.  Meats & sides can be ordered in various quantities to suit your needs.  We will need at least 24 hour notice.

Helpful ordering tips

• A pound of meat will make 4-5 sandwiches or 2-3 plates.  All meat comes with sauce on the side.
• Our whole, bone in chicken is cut into 8 pieces.
• We serve St. Louis cut pork spare ribs.  There are 12 bones in a rack.  Most people will eat 4-6 ribs.
• There are 4 sausages in a pound.
• All sides are sold in quart containers. Each quart will make 4 large servings or 4-6 smaller servings.
• Rolls are sold in bags of 8.
• A pan of cornbread is cut into 24 small pieces.


pork (shoulder) BBQ/lb $14.45
whole BBQ chicken (8 pieces) $14.45
pulled chicken/lb (breast mt) $15.95
beef (brisket) $22.95
BBQ sausage (pork) 4/lb $20.95
rack of ribs (pork) 12 bones $23.95


rolls (bag of 8) $ 4.75
pan of cornbread $13.95


beans & rice/qt $ 10.95
cabbage/qt     “
coleslaw/qt     “
baked beans/qt     “
mac & cheese/qt     “
muddy spuds/qt
collard greens/qt $11.95
potato salad/qt     “

Other available items:

smoked hot dogs $1.95/each BBQ burgers $4.95/each veggie patties $4.25/each


fruit cobblers (each) apple OR peach OR cherry $24.95
pan of bread pudding/caramel sauce (each) $24.95
whole pies—chocolate OR coconut OR sweet potato $18.95 each
pecan $20.95
chocolate chip cookies OR chocolate brownies $1.30 each


sweet OR unsweet tea OR pink lemonade $4.95 gallon


paper products $    .45/person
disposable chafing set (2 racks) $14.40/each


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