Catering can be complicated & it’s important to get the details right.   That’s why Dixie Bones has a full time catering staff.   The catering department is available Mon-Sat 9:00AM-5:00PM to answer any questions.   Our staff will be happy to help plan your event, figure out how much food is needed and calculate the best price for your needs.   Compared to others, we’re inexpensive!   Let us work with you to create a proposal appropriate for your event and budget.

Take a minute to look through the various options & give us a call 703.492.2205 or email  with any questions.

10-100 guests a Party Pak is the way to go.  |  PARTY PAKS

How to set up a Party Pak at your house or office.  |  PARTY PAK SET UP

100-5000 people — you need help!  |  BUFFET STYLE FULL SERVICE

Ordering food in bulk.  |  BULK ORDERS

Our Ingredients List  |  INGREDIENTS

Check out our catering video.  |  WATCH VIDEO

Delivery Fees  | Woodbridge | Fredericksburg

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